Mustard 100 g

Mustard 100 g

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Product Description

Mustard seed is a must-have and popular condiment that enhances the flavour and spice of food,

and a staple in Indian kitchens. The aroma of the mustard seed is released when they are crushed or

seasoned. Mustard seeds give a unique smoky, nutty flavour to our traditional curries, dishes and

also offers a ton of healing health benefits. The essential nutrients in mustard seeds are well-known

to control blood sugar, prevent cancer and battles infections .They are commonly used in pickles,

sausage-making and tempering vegetable dishes. Use Mustard to give your lentil, veg,

and non-veg curries that spicy touch and appealing texture. Buy this product online today.

How to use:
Use Mustard as a seasoning for dals, sambhar, curries and pickles.

Adds a distinct piquant taste to dishes, Ideal for the preparation of high-quality mustard oil

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