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2-3 Days

Custard Apple (Seetha) 1 Kg

Custard Apple or Seetha is a tropical fruit argued to have originated from South America, A rich source of Vitamins and Minerals, they are good for cardiac diseases, promoting great skin and hair heal..

Lemon 1 kg

Lemon is used extensively in Indian Cuisine for seasoning and to add flavor, a native of South Asia, this fruit contains large amounts of Vitamin C which helps in strengthening the immune system, supp..
2-3 Days

Mango (Alphonsa) 1 Kg

Mango (Alphonsa) often claimed to be the king of mangoes is a native fruit of South India,  known for its beautiful shape, distinct taste and divine aroma, it contains Vitamin A and carotene, the..

Pappaya 1 Kg

Pappaya a native of central America or South Mexico, is a highly beneficial food which contains nutritions which help in reducing the risk of heart disease,diabetes and cancer, improves blood glucose ..

Peach (Color) 1 Kg

Peach, a native to North West China is a highly nutritious fruit packed with vitamins and minerals, which protects your skin, promotes heart health,prevents certain types of cancer and reduces allergi..

Pear (Round) 1 Kg

Pear (round)  is a sweet round shaped fruit which is enjoyed from ancient times, they can be eaten crisp or soft, Pear is highly nutritious, they promote gut health, have anti-inflammatory and an..

Pomegranate 1 Kg

A highly popular fruit all around the world an apple is good for blood sugar regulation, relives constipation and enables smoother digestion, not only a very tasty food preferred by all ages it is ver..

Saathukudi 1 Kg

Saathukudi or Sweet Lemon or Mousambi is a cross between citron and bitter orange, this juicy fruit is a great source of Vitamin C, which boosts immunity, reduces muscle cramps and provides hydration...
2-3 Days

Water Melon

Water Melon a native of West Africa,but cultivated all around the world with over 1000 varieties is a water fruit which helps in hydration, improves heart health, helps relieve muscle sourness along w..
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